Ralf Specht

Spark44 co-founder

Alexander Ineichen

Founder of Ineichen Research and Management

Shari Wallack

Founder of Buy the Sea

Anne Peretz

Family Therapist & Founder of Parenting Journey

Ken Rees

Financial Technology Innovator

Lamoureux Twins

Gold Medal Athletes

William A. Friedman

Leading Neurosurgeon

Steve Madden

Iconic Fashion Designer

Helio Fred Garcia

Professor & Speaker

Meysa Maleki

Lawyer & Mediator

Joe Theismann

NFL Super Bowl Champion

Martin Holub

Award-Winning Architect

Jim McLean

Owner #1 Golf School in America

Stephen Henderson

New York–Based Journalist

Andrew Zimmerman

President Frog Design

W. Davis Hawkins, Jr.

MBA, Banker, Management Consultant

Jim Quinn

Premier Trial Lawyer

John Crosby

Founding Director of the Uncommon Individual Foundation

Jim Cashel

Chairman of Forum One

Ivan Fuchs, M.D.

Clinical Psychiatrist and Evolutionary Biologist

Kalman R. Hettleman

Tireless Education Advocate

Bruce Cleveland

Chief Marketing Officer at C3.ai

Elaine Howard

Attorney and Avid Paleontology

Ben Feder

President Tencent Games

Charles A. Casto

Crisis Management Expert

Martin Holub

Award-Winning Architect

Martyn R. Lewis

Founder Market Partners

David C. Wiener

Leading Financial Consultant

Radius Book Group Books