Applied Wisdom: 700 Witticisms to Save Your Ass(ets)

Alexander Ineichen

Applying wisdom and avoiding foolishness are two sides of the same coin. Slipping away from either can lead to risky and uncertain situations. Luckily, author Alexander Ineichen has been collecting witticisms for thirty-five years that have made him successful in his career and life.

In Applied Wisdom, he collects an anthology of wit and wisdom containing over 700 quotations from sources as wide ranging as Thomas Aquinas and Frank Zappa. He provides entertaining food for thought for businesspeople and the general audience alike, and enables readers to think outside the box to find wisdom. These nuggets, along with his commentary for each, are the valuable words needed for those facing risk and uncertainty.

The witticisms provide a full range of being level-headed, truth seeking, brutally heretical, wonderfully insightful, refreshingly politically incorrect, and other intellectual treats and provocations. The advice, blending economics, politics, history, philosophy, psychology, risk management, and much more, provides a winning mix of humor, intellectual heft, and economic survival tips.

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