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The Lamoureux twins, Jocelyn and Monique, authors of Dare to Make History: Chasing a Dream and Fighting for Equity

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Radius Book Group is a 360°, Multiplatform publisher offering unparalleled support to entrepreneurial authors. With our deep industry relationships, expert content development, and broad market reach, we’re redefining what successful book publishing looks like.

In addition to print and digital books, Radius Book Group has in-house audio production capabilities that can help you create, produce, and distribute premium audiobooks or podcasts. Radius can integrate the distribution and marketing of your audio projects with the book publication.

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Publication Day for “Thinking Critically in College” !

Today we wish a happy pub day to Thinking Critically in College by Louis Newman. The book is out now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold. Here is some information about this timely book:

Finally, a college prep book that actually prepares students for college!

Almost all first-year college students discover that college courses are more academically challenging than they expected, and certainly harder than classes in high school. Professors expect students not just to absorb material, but to analyze and synthesize it, consider multiple perspectives, evaluate conflicting evidence, and then apply what they’ve learned in new contexts.

Thinking Critically in College explains how to do all this and more.
Louis E. Newman draws on decades of experience as a professor at Carleton College and Dean of Academic Advising and Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at Stanford, offering the guidance you need to succeed both in college and in life post-graduation. Unique among college prep books, Thinking Critically in College builds on the latest research in learning, spells out the key critical thinking skills you need, shows you how to tackle actual college assignments, and provides exercises throughout to reinforce the lessons.

Written in a personal, engaging style, Thinking Critically in College explains how to do the work your professors will require—exactly the preparation you need, no matter what your academic background. Practical, accessible, comprehensive, and interactive, Thinking Critically in College is the definitive guide, not only for those in college or headed there, but for everyone who needs a refresher on thinking clearly.

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