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Radius Book Group engages forward-thinking authors in entrepreneurial publishing to develop, produce, market, and distribute your book to the widest possible audience. A well published book truly connects you to your audience and elevates your platform.

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What is a Radius book?

—a book of nonfiction
—a professional book by an expert in their field
—a book that will help build an author’s brand
—a career memoir of a life well lived
—a well researched book on a topic of interest
—a book that will have a positive impact on readers and the world at large

Publishing Process

Authors who partner with Radius Book Group receive personalized solutions tailored to their publishing goals. From the inception of an idea to bound books, we build a relationship with you and deliver exceptional service, including marketing, distribution, and everything necessary to put the author on level footing with major publishers.


We help you assess what your project needs and package our services accordingly.

Design & Production

Our professional creative team produces books that stand out and make an impression.

Printing & Distribution

Our alliances give you top-quality printing and distribution that puts your book in your customers’ hands worldwide.

Marketing & Publicity

We help you reach your customers through comprehensive marketing and publicity plans.

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What Our Authors Say

Ben Feder, author of TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES says:

“Radius brings a rare blend of publishing knowledge, deep industry relationships, and flexibility to today’s author.”

John Crosby, author of BUILT TO HELP EACH OTHER says:

“I couldn’t be more pleased. I am proud of Radius’s work and the end product that I hold in my hands. I know they’ll always be there to help me. Radius is a publisher to be reckoned with.”


“From the moment I reached out for editorial and production assistance to the delivery of the final product, Radius walked me, a book-publishing novice, through the stages of the production. Their editorial support was superb which made for a much better book.  They are good people doing a good job.”

Leon Golden, author of ARISTOTLE AND THE ARC OF TRAGEDY says:

“I felt at each step of the process that you were personally enthusiastic about the goal I was pursuing in the book and that you had an unusually good understanding of that goal. It was a great pleasure to work with you and to observe the high level of your professional competence.”