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Radius Book Group is a 360°, multiplatform publisher offering unparalleled support to entrepreneurial authors. With our deep industry relationships, expert content development, and broad market reach, we’re redefining what successful book publishing looks like.

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“24-Hour Soup Kitchen” Wins Reviewer Heart

Stephen Henderson’s The 24-Hour Soup Kitchen revised edition made waves on KnowWhereYourFoodComesFrom.com. The review “Soup Kitchen Gastrophilanthrophy That Enlightens, Entertains & Wins Your Heart” details Henderson’s rise from journalist to gastrophilanthropist both in the United States and around the world and shines a light on his efforts to feed the hungry and the life lessons he learned along the way. Check out their review and pick up a copy for yourself!

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Radius was amazing to work with and supported our vision from the beginning.

Lamoureux Sisters

Authors of Dare To Make History

The Lamoureux twins, Jocelyn and Monique, authors of Dare to Make History: Chasing a Dream and Fighting for Equity

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Stephen Henderson book The 24-Hour Soup Kitchen

The 24-Hour Soup Kitchen:

Soul-Stirring Lessons in Gastrophilanthropy

by Stephen Henderson

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