Getting into Bookstores

Export to PDF | Export to DOCWhen you publish a book, you want to see it in bookstores. All the while you were writing, editing, designing, typesetting, producing, and printing the book, the anticipation of actually seeing and picking up a copy in a bookstore motivated you. Your book is your baby and as a […]

Publishing Quality Quickly: Fast to Market Does Not Need to Sacrifice Quality

Export to PDF | Export to DOCOne reason authors choose a hybrid publisher is control, especially control over when they will be able to publish and start selling their book. Either from having experienced the publishing process with a traditional publisher, or from hearing horror stories from other authors, a lot of authors find it […]

Why Does It Take So Long? (Part 1 of 2)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCAuthors Need to Plan from Beginning to End In last week’s post we discussed the sales cycle of your book from end to beginning. This week we take a step back and put the sales cycle in the context of the entire publishing process. You are investigating publishers who […]

Publishing in Reverse: Understanding the Sales Process of Publishing from Z-A

Export to PDF | Export to DOCSales Is a Process “Hey, Mark,” Bill cheerily told me in one of our first phone calls, “I just wanted to make sure to remind you that sales materials are due in two weeks. We need to get them in the hands of the sales team far enough before next […]