How We Publish

Let Radius Book Group Bring Your Book to Life

Authors who partner with Radius Book Group receive personalized full publishing solutions tailored to their publishing goals. From the inception of an idea to bound books, we build a relationship with you and help you realize your vision.

If you are not sure if your book is ready to be published, try our editorial services first.



Every manuscript can benefit from good editing. We help you assess what editorial work your project needs, including:
  • Professional copyedit of manuscript conforming to required style
  • Proofreading and/or manuscript formatting
  • Editorial consultation and one round of line edits
  • Idea generation and structural consultation
  • Deep developmental edit
  • Ghostwriting

Design & Production

Consumers do judge a book by its cover—as well as what’s inside—and we are here to make your book stand out and make an impression. D&P may include:
  • Interior design
  • Layout: typesetting of text and graphics
  • Preparation of books in all desired formats, both print and electronic
  • Cover consultation based on comparative titles and target audience
  • Full cover design including image

Printing & Distribution

One of the biggest challenges to author-driven publishing is getting wide distribution for books. We are uniquely positioned to offer worldwide distribution through our collaboration with Ingram Content Group. These benefits may include:
  • Retail distribution and title management
  • Inputting and maintaining metadata
  • Coordinating print-on-demand (POD) or offset printing
  • Accounting as necessary

Marketing & Publicity

Once your book exists, you need to let readers know about it. We help your book get noticed ranging from basic to comprehensive strategies. M&P may include:
  • One-time marketing consultation, including online presence and asset audit
  • Press release creation and/or preparation of resource list of appropriate media outlets
  • Creation of search-optimized book description
  • Comprehensive metadata optimization including keywords, BISAC codes, comparative titles, and other title information
  • Social media boot camp
  • Pricing consultation
  • Creation and coordination of bonus content
  • Expert publicity management: blog and book tour coordination