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What is Radius Book Group?

A division of Diversion Publishing Corp., which was featured in Publishers Weekly in April, 2017 as one of the top-ten fastest growing independent publishing companies in the U.S., Radius serves entrepreneurial authors with a specific need to publish a book with the highest standards. Our clients are typically non-fiction authors in the business world, experts in a field, as well as highly accomplished individuals with a strong legacy story to tell. Our editors, designers, publicists and distributors are the finest in publishing, giving our books the best chance for success.

Why should I spend money to have someone edit and design my book? Can’t I just upload my manuscript and have it available immediately?

Of course you can do it yourself, but cutting corners up front may harm your book’s prospects in the long run. People judge a book by its cover, as well as by what’s inside. Investing in professional cover design will give your book a fantastic look that stands out from the crowd. Having your manuscript edited will catch spelling and grammar errors, as well as make the book structurally and stylistically consistent. Savvy readers value the superior reading experience resulting from professional design and editing. Radius Book Group holds itself to the highest standards of design and editing in the industry.

How quickly can you turn around my manuscript?

Turnaround time depends on the shape and length of the manuscript we receive. If it just needs a simple copyedit, we can turn it around as quickly as 60–90 days. If a developmental or substantive edit is necessary, it will take more time, dictated by the length of the manuscript, the quality of the writing, the amount of new content that needs to be created, and so forth. We can create a publishing schedule for you once we’ve reviewed your materials. A standard production schedule from transmission of a finalized manuscript (i.e., ready-to-copyedit) to being sent to the printer is 3–4 months.

I’m not sure what I need to make my book ready for publication. Can you help me decide?

Every author and every book has different needs. We’re here to help you figure out what’s best for you and your book. Authors value our comprehensive process which can include mechanical copyedits, thorough developmental edits, inspiring cover and interior designs, proven marketing and publicity plans, and management of all the details and technical aspects of printing, distribution, and title management. We will prepare and upload your book files and metadata, and we will manage your account through our relationship with Ingram Publisher Services.

How customized will my publishing be?

Radius Book Group does not offer “package” services but instead prioritizes giving each author exactly what their project requires. We offer authors a wide range of resources, from idea generation and cultivation, to deeper editorial and design work, to the know-how of producing e-books. We can formulate a personalized publishing program, including intensive marketing campaigns and publicity management, book and blog tours, advertising opportunities, and author platform development. We may also offer outreach for trade reviews and title sell-in for select projects.

Do I get to decide on format and pricing?

Absolutely! We are here to advise you and collaborate with you, but this is your book. We’ll help you produce a hardcover, paperback, or e-book (or all three), and if you want audio versions, we can make that happen. Plus, you will have vital input on properly pricing each product for the market.

What’s the advantage of your marketing and publicity?

Radius Book Group is unrivaled in our marketing and publicity plans. These are not cookie-cutter automated programs, but plans designed specifically for you and your book. For people to buy your book, they need to know that it exists and where to buy it. Our marketing and publicity team has decades of experience working with successful authors. We have strong networks both inside and outside the traditional book publishing industry that can help spread the word about your book. We know how to craft press releases that effectively draw attention to your book, and we are experts at helping writers build their own unique brand.

If I hire you to distribute my book, will it be in my local Barnes & Noble or independent bookstore?

We cannot guarantee placement in any specific retail outlet, but your book will be in the world’s largest and most reliable distribution network, Ingram Publishing Services. Our marketing campaigns generate the kind of positive attention that convinces booksellers to carry your book. Any physical and online book retailer will be able to order your book through Ingram. The visibility of being in Ingram’s online catalog is a huge advantage.

Isn't the publisher supposed to pay the author an advance to publish the author's book?

In traditional publishing, that’s generally how a publisher acquires the rights to a book. However, because that model only works for a small percentage of authors, and in fact not all that well for publishers themselves, Radius Book Group presents authors with an alternative. Rather than having a traditional publisher pay you an advance that represents a fraction of the anticipated sales (e.g., 10%–15% of revenue), and pay all costs associated with publishing your book, you get to keep the lion’s share of the revenue and assume those publishing costs. When you take control over your own publishing goals, you are free from the old paradigm, with both its costs and benefits. In exchange for shouldering the costs that publishers normally bear (e.g., editorial, production, manufacturing, marketing, publicity, warehousing, distribution), you gain complete control of your book, and a far greater percentage of the revenue generated from sales.

After my book is published, what kind of support do you provide?

We pride ourselves on building enduring relationships with authors. Once your book is published, we continue to support you by providing regular and reliable royalty statements, staying on top of inventory, and collaborating with you to guarantee the ongoing success of your book.

What's the process of getting my book published with Radius Book Group?

You want to publish your book and Radius Book Group has all the necessary ingredients to help you get it published. The steps from initial introduction to selling books are as follows:
1. Submit your manuscript, get a quote, sign a service agreement
2. Develop a publishing strategy
3. Create and finalize the content of your book
4. Formulate and implement a marketing and publicity plan
5. Edit, design, typeset, and produce your book
6. Print your book and produce ebooks
7. Promote, sell, and distribute your book
8. Receive regular royalty statements
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