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Take That, COVID-19: Publishing During a Pandemic

Congratulations, you just published your book. Now what? Publishing under COVID-19 restrictions might seem like the worst time ever to release your book to the world. But in fact, COVID-19 could actually work in your favor. Turn your energy into sweat equity marketing. Opportunity To Grab Attention All books are pretty much on equal footing […]

Publishers Weekly Feature Article Highlights Radius

Who knew business books were big business? Well, based on the sales data, just about everybody. Lots of people are buying them. A recent Publishers Weekly, article sheds light on this issue. Of particular note is the special section “Business Books as Calling Cards.” Author Sarah Robbins highlights Radius Book Group in that section. Radius uses a hybrid model of publishing. […]

Professional Self-Publishing Is More Than Do-It-Yourself

The tidal wave of self-published books inundating the reading public the world over may seem like the result of a do-it-yourself earthquake. But in today’s world, large and small publishers alike are part of a long and complex chain. Quite simply, self-publishing is not solely a DIY enterprise. You may be cutting out the gatekeepers […]

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Author-Centered Publishing

Traditional publishing no longer holds a monopoly on the book industry. Self-publishing, author-centered publishing, and variations of them have laid claim to their own slices of the industry pie. Each has its place serving the needs of different authors, or even the same authors publishing different titles. Most people understand traditional publishing and self-publishing, which […]