Thinking Critically in College: The Essential Handbook for Student Success


Louis E. Newman

Almost all students head off to college with some academic interests, their goals shaped largely by subjects they’ve been exposed to and their expectations formed by their educational experience in high school. But many come to college without the realization that they have to learn how to think in more sophisticated and rigorous ways. Instead of regurgitating information, college students must learn to expand their awareness and analyze the work at a deeper level so that they may contribute to the academic conversation.

In Thinking Critically in College, former Dean of Academic Advising and Associate Vice Provost at Stanford University Louis E. Newman demonstrates how students can orient themselves no matter the academic discipline to engage and achieve higher forms of thinking. He casts a broad net for learning, recognizing that students come from different backgrounds with varying levels of academic preparation. Introducing these skills at the outset allows students to succeed in college and beyond.

Grounded in decades of experience, built around real-life examples of college assignments, informed by the latest research into learning, and shaped by student experiences in the classroom, Thinking Critically in College is the definitive guide, not only for those in college or headed there, but for everyone who needs a refresher on thinking clearly.

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