Saving Jenny

Rescuing Our Youth from America's Opioid and Suicide Epidemic

Book Cover: Saving Jenny
Editions:Hardcover - First Edition: $ 25.95 USD
ISBN: 9781682309995
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 320
ePub - First Edition: $ 9.95 USD
Pages: 202

Normal turned to PTSD and a substance abuse nightmare for Jenny the instant a taxi struck her, catapulting her twenty feet across a busy New York City street. Jenny is one of the lucky ones to have survived the drug rehabilitation system, which routinely fails those at risk. Her story is multiplied across the U.S. in the shattered lives and torn-apart families of millions of Jennies. Saving Jenny is the narration of a mother and daughter’s long painful journey from tragedy, through opioid addiction, toward redemption. Its cautionary tale sheds light on drug dependency, suicidal depression, sexual exploitation and misdiagnosed mind disorders. We discover that these are symptoms of much larger societal issues: the decimation of the family, childhood traumatization, and a culture devoid of human values. These pages unmask a mental health industry focused more on profits than people, which regularly betrays those in its keeping, and the complicity of Big Pharma and insurance companies in these schemas. We see firsthand the abuse, negligence and illicit activities going on in psychiatric and rehab facilities.

BEYOND AN EXPOSÉ, Saving Jenny offers practical political, economic, educational and social solutions to help the countless individuals and families afflicted by drug addiction and suicidality. Most importantly, Percy presents a new paradigm grounded in altruistic love, which utilizes both psychodynamic and spiritual resources to deliver hope and TRUE HEALING…

Publisher: Vivian Percy with Dr. Anna Badini
Reviews:DAVID STOECKER, LCSW, Education & Advocacy Outreach Coordinator, Missouri Recovery Network wrote:

“My life is dedicated to reaching and helping restore others who are struggling with addiction. I applaud Saving Jenny in revealing some of the traps those attempting to recover unwittingly fall into, and I’m especially encouraged to see that Vivian and her daughter similarly embraced God’s grace, the most potent ‘recovery tool’ of all.”

DR. DAVID A. WATSON, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Staten Island, NY wrote:

“In this thought-provoking work, Vivian Percy is challenging us to . . . urgently embrace a new paradigm to save our teens and young adults from the opioid and suicide epidemic. Percy not only shares her and Jenny’s story, she also weaves throughout it practical solutions to be seriously considered by all. This well-researched and very personal treatise should be required reading for leaders in every strata of our society.”

PASTOR TRAVIS LOWE, Crossroads Church, Bluefield, West Virginia wrote:

"Here in our state, we’ve suffered the effects of this same story of addiction for years, it’s really hit us hard, especially given our economic challenges – so reading of one young woman’s redemption and healing was very encouraging. I also wholeheartedly agree with the author that our kids need to be equipped with more of a moral compass, and concur with the plans she’s outlined for how we move forward on this devastating addiction issue as a society, including this add-on epidemic of suicide (whether by accidental overdose, or as a result of addiction-induced despair…both of which I’ve seen far too much of). Saving Jenny is inspiring and its usefulness promises to be significant. I congratulate both Vivian and her daughter for their tenacity… and hard-won faith."

DIANNE LEMAN, Senior Pastor, The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois, Urbana, IL wrote:

"Saving Jenny is a very difficult book to read. This is not because it is filled with technical terms, boring descriptions, or is poorly written. No! Saving Jenny grips your heart, overwhelms your emotions, and urgently compels you to do something―all of which makes easy reading impossible! But…I urge you to stick with reading to the end where Vivian Percy offers powerful and hopeful solutions to this tormenting contemporary crisis. She speaks with a voice of authority, experience, compassion and hope―a voice forged in the fires of deep personal pain and despair. As a pastor of 40 years, I am well-acquainted with the hopelessness and destruction which are so prevalent among our youth and their families, due to the monster of addiction. How encouraged I was to see Vivian’s unequivocal endorsement of the role that spirituality and religion play in the real and enduring rescue of our youth and culture. And this she discovered only after the endless, frustrating failure of almost all current programs and therapies. With the backing of expert research and the real-life experience of the power of faith and love, Vivian offers creative solutions for ways churches and faith communities can partner to rescue our youth and restore them to vibrancy and health. Every pastor needs to read this book―now―before we lose one more child!"

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