Martin’s Scribbles

Sort of a Memoir

Martin Holub

What do Prague, London, New York, and Tehran have in common? Martin Holub has lived, designed buildings, and enriched lives in all these places. A collection of autobiographical stories, Martin’s Scribbles is an entertaining account of Holub’s experiences as an architect and expat while, at the same time, it provides a very personal and intimate witness of the world recent history. Sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking, Holub shares memorable anecdotes and reflections that inform and amuse all in one read.

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I was very happy with the services that Radius Book Group provides. Having read the manuscript, Mark Fretz proposed a budget and the publishing date and Radius then delivered the book on time and within budget. I like the final product very much and would recommend Radius to anyone who wants to publish a book.

Martin Holub