How Customers Buy…& And Why They Don’t

Mapping and Managing the Buying Journey DNA

Book Cover: How Customers Buy…& And Why They Don’t
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ISBN: 978-1635765144
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Pages: 352

Lewis makes a compelling argument that businesses must look beyond their own internal view of how something is sold, to the external reality of how customers actually buy. He asserts that no one buys anything because of a sales process; customers only buy because of their own buying process. And so, for all those whose livelihood depends upon successful revenue generation, the only rational course of action is to positively influence and effectively manage the end-to-end customer-buying journey.

The simple failure of mousetrap logic―that is, the quality of the product or value proposition of the service is sufficient to convince customers to make a purchase―is at the heart of most revenue generation challenges today. How Customers Buy…and Why They Don’t shows that vendors are too often trying to solve the wrong problem, because customers actually do “get it,” they just don’t buy it.

The book starts by explaining Outside-in Revenue Generation. It then decodes the six elements of the Customer Buying Journey DNA. It defines the nine Buying Concerns, any one of which can derail a purchase. It unveils the deceptively simple and elegant 4Q Buying Style Quadrant that unlocks the intricacies of how buyers actually think. The second section of the book explains what you can do about customers not buying your products or services. It reveals that there are only four things―Sales and Marketing Imperatives―that can be done to positively impact the market. It goes on to walk the reader through the development of the Market Engagement Strategy. The final section of the book translates the five components of the Market Engagement Strategy into actionable sales and marketing behaviors.

Publisher: Martyn R. Lewis