3 Basic Ingredients to Publish Your Book

Most authors who choose to publish their book independently may be experts in their field but are not publishing experts. If they are passionate enough about their subject to want to publish a book, they have to figure out how to get their book to market. But that shouldn’t require them to learn everything there […]

Publishing Quality Quickly: Fast to Market Does Not Need to Sacrifice Quality

One reason authors choose a hybrid publisher is control, especially control over when they will be able to publish and start selling their book. Either from having experienced the publishing process with a traditional publisher, or from hearing horror stories from other authors, a lot of authors find it incomprehensible that it can take twelve […]

What Baseball Can Teach Us About Publishing

Many publishers and the customers who buy their books can’t see past the book. In the digital age, publishing isn’t about books, journals, or magazines. Those products generate revenue, that’s true, but success in the publishing business depends on the identity those products create. Take baseball, for example. Fielding a winning team on the field […]

The Importance of an Author Platform

If you want to publish a book, you had better arrive at the party with a strong author platform. While the arena of book marketing and publicity encompasses a host of different activities and possibilities, the top priority is leveraging an author’s platform. That’s how you raise awareness, build interest, and drive sales. Valerie Peterson’s […]

Why Does It Take So Long? (Part 2 of 2)

In our previous post, we discussed the first six months of the publishing schedule, including editing, design, marketing and publicity, and typesetting. In this second part, now that you, the author, have your typeset pages, you are ready to print and get into bookstores! Third Quarter: July through September Printing During July, we arrange for […]

Why Does It Take So Long? (Part 1 of 2)

Authors Need to Plan from Beginning to End In last week’s post we discussed the sales cycle of your book from end to beginning. This week we take a step back and put the sales cycle in the context of the entire publishing process. You are investigating publishers who might publish your book, or help […]

Publishing in Reverse: Understanding the Sales Process of Publishing from Z-A

Sales Is a Process “Hey, Mark,” Bill cheerily told me in one of our first phone calls, “I just wanted to make sure to remind you that sales materials are due in two weeks. We need to get them in the hands of the sales team far enough before next season’s pre-sales meeting, so they have […]

Publishers Weekly log

Publishers Weekly Feature Article Highlights Radius

Who knew business books were big business? Well, based on the sales data, just about everybody. Lots of people are buying them. A recent Publishers Weekly, article sheds light on this issue. Of particular note is the special section “Business Books as Calling Cards.” Author Sarah Robbins highlights Radius Book Group in that section. Radius uses a hybrid model of publishing. […]

Jane Friedman publishing expert

Radius Trusted by Jane Friedman

Trust is a big deal to self-publishing authors. When it comes to full-service self-publishers, Jane Friedman trusts Radius Book Group. Independent authors who are serious about publishing learn all they can before making decisions. As a result, they look for expert advice from trusted sources, such as Jane. Why do people trust Jane? Twenty years in […]

Why Publish?

It used to be that authors wrote and publishers published books. Now authors both write and publish their own books. What may have gotten lost in the transition is why someone would choose to publish a book. We know why traditional publishers publish books; they want to make money. Their decision to publish these and […]