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Radius Book Group continues the tradition of Diversion Publishing Corp., founded in 2009 as a next-generation publishing company, combining decades of traditional experience with new strategies. In the vanguard of author-centered publishing from its inception in 2016, we have published independent authors, who march to their own drummer. For instance, Mark Cuban wanted to publish his book e-first, so he published How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It exclusively with our company. His nontraditional publishing strategy turned that title into a success story, covered in the Wall Street Journal.

With our unparalleled industry experience and relationships in the marketplace, we are uniquely qualified to be the number one option for authors in the rapidly changing custom publishing sector.
Scott WaxmanCEO, Diversion Publishing Corp.

Radius Book Group understands how committed authors need to be to accomplish their publishing goals. As an independent author, publishing your book isn’t easy, and it takes a lot of time. The process is much easier when you can collaborate with a company rich in experience, know-how, and networks of resources.

Forward-thinking authors are seeking entrepreneurial publishing options to develop, produce, market, and distribute their books. We make that possible for select authors. We enter into full-collaboration agreements with authors, rather than offer services piecemeal, because we want to build a strong relationship with you and realize your vision. This starts from the inception of an idea to bound books, and includes marketing, distribution, and everything necessary to put the author on level footing with major publishers. Our incomparable expertise is a great value to approach all types of projects.

Independent authors know firsthand that traditional publishing has impeded authors much more than as it has helped them reach their goals. Radius Book Group’s entrepreneurial approach turns the publishing paradigm on its head by putting you, the author, in charge of your own publishing program. Instead of publishers choosing which authors they want to publish, authors can choose to be their own publisher. We put at your disposal all the resources you need to succeed.

A Message From Our Editorial Director Mark Fretz

Contact by email at Mark(@)Radiusbookgroup.com to discuss your nonfiction book!

Publishing a book with Radius Book Group is built on relationships, so I want to invite you to get to know me. My involvement in the publishing business began in 1987 when I was in graduate school at the University of Michigan. As a research assistant, my professor assigned me an array of tasks to help him publish a huge reference work: writing, copyediting, project management, author recruitment, and contracts and permissions. I went to graduate school to study the Bible, languages (e.g., Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Akkadian, German, French), and ancient Near Eastern history, and become a professor. But that early exposure to publishing eventually led to a dual career as an academic and publisher. I love both worlds and balance my time between the two arenas, spending most of my time wearing my publisher hat. Over the past three-plus decades, I’ve had the good fortune to work with and learn from great colleagues, as well as some of the best people in the publishing industry from around the world. Those people, those relationships, are the bedrock of publishing. Success is about who you know, what you know, and finding the right mix of the two at every turn. It has been a long journey from editor at one of the big-five publishers (Doubleday, which was owned by Bertelsmann and became part of Random House), to publisher of a small religious publishing house (Morehouse Publishers), to director of editorial services at a publishing services company (Scribe Inc.), to my current role at Radius Book Group. Each position allowed me to add knowledge and skills and to develop relationships with more people. The publishing industry has changed dramatically during my career, and I grew, absorbed, and adapted to each new opportunity along the way. That wealth of experience comes into play every day as I publish the books of Radius authors. What drew me to Radius Book Group in 2017 was the opportunity to build an industry-leading author-centric publishing house. While the publishing industry as a whole was relatively stagnant, this emerging new sector was expanding by leaps and bounds. In this position, I can be at the forefront of the industry, developing the future of publishing with cutting-edge technologies, forging new partnerships, and filling a growing need to make independent publishing accessible to entrepreneurial authors. When I talk with authors, I listen on a deep level to catch their vision. Then the wheels start turning in my mind, as I contemplate how best to leverage what I know and who I know to help them achieve their dreams.

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