NEW YORK, NY—Radius Book Group announced plans to publish Dare to Make History, by 2018 Olympic gold medalists in women’s ice hockey, Monique Lamoureux-Morando and Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson.  Slated for publication in February 2021, the book shares the authors’ journey to the pinnacle of their sport, all while battling for more equitable treatment as compared to their male counterparts. This book will tell the story of the Lamoureux twins’ hopeful comeback to the U.S. national team as they compete for slots on the USA women’s ice hockey team at the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, February 4–20, 2022, in Beijing, China.  It will also chronicle their lives as new mothers competing as elite athletes, their efforts along with almost 150 other women hockey players to start a new professional women’s hockey league, and their contributions as role models championing the dreams of future generations of girls in sports, education, and the workplace.  Dan Strone, CEO of Trident Media Group, negotiated the deal.

Early in their lives, the Lamoureux twins chose ice hockey to be the sport they wanted to pursue.  They didn’t let the absence of girls hockey teams get in their way — they just played on boys teams.  Nor did they let competitive adversity on the ice stop them on their way to a thrilling gold-medal victory at the 2018 Olympics, the United States’ first gold medal in women’s ice hockey in 20 years.  They also did not allow roadblocks and discrimination off the ice deter them from taking on the big business of elite international and Olympic sports.  The success of Monique, Jocelyne, and their team thrust them into the center of the fray in the struggle for gender equity, whether for female athletes in hockey and in sports in general, or women in the workplace.  On the ice and in board rooms, they fight for what’s right for current elite women athletes, but more importantly for the next generation of girls who aspire to play hockey.  Their battle has inspired girls and women to overcome similar adversity in their lives. This is their story—the story of all girls and women, as well as boys and men, who simply want a level playing field.

“We sacrificed a lot on our road to winning Olympic gold in women’s ice hockey in 2018, just like the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team did to win the World Cup in 2019,” commented Monique Lamoureux-Morando and Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson, “Despite being among the best in the world for many years, we were treated less well than the men when it came to marketing and training support, as well as compensation, because we are women.  In Dare to Make History, we take on the issue of gender equity, both for women in sports and for women in the work world.  This issue affects all women and girls, young and old, whether they are elite athletes, or just making a life for themselves.  And it is an issue for all of us to take on – men and women.  It is great to partner with Radius Book Group to publish our book, because they support our goals.”

Nothing could be more fitting than for Radius to publish Dare to Make History,” said CEO and Publisher Scott Waxman.  “Being a ground-breaking publisher, Radius relishes the opportunity to stand with Monique and Jocelyne on the forefront of the battle for gender equity, not only in professional sports, but also in society at large.”

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Radius Book Group continues the tradition of Diversion Publishing Corp., founded in 2009 as a next-generation publishing company, combining decades of traditional experience with new publishing strategies. In the vanguard of author-centered publishing from its inception in 2016, we have published industry experts in the fields of business, pop culture, education, technology and philanthropy. Radius Book Group’s entrepreneurial approach turns the publishing paradigm on its head by putting the authors in charge of their own publishing destiny. Sales to the trade are handled by Two Rivers Distribution, a division of Ingram Content Group.

Anyone interested in an advanced reader copy, please contact Evan Phail at Evan (at) radiusbookgroup (dot) com

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