Publishers Weekly Feature Article Highlights Radius

Who knew business books were big business? Well, based on the sales data, just about everybody. Lots of people are buying them. A recent Publishers Weekly, article sheds light on this issue. Of particular note is the special section “Business Books as Calling Cards.” Author Sarah Robbins highlights Radius Book Group in that section.

Radius uses a hybrid model of publishing. While traditional publishing is strong in production and distribution, self-publishing gives authors control and flexibility. With that in mind, Radius combines the best of both worlds. As a result, authors no longer have to choose between them. And they don’t have to sacrifice the features they want. Now they can publish a book of the highest professional quality. In addition, they can market and publicize their book using tools tailored to its success. Finally, they can distribute the book through the same channels that big traditional publishers use. More options, more authors, more books. That is a winning combination.

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