Radius Trusted by Jane Friedman

Trust is a big deal to self-publishing authors. When it comes to full-service self-publishers, Jane Friedman trusts Radius Book Group. Independent authors who are serious about publishing learn all they can before making decisions. As a result, they look for expert advice from trusted sources, such as Jane. Why do people trust Jane? Twenty years in the publishing industry and many satisfied clients.

Self-publishers find a goldmine of information in her post, “Start Here: How to Self-Publish Your Book.” She introduces them to all facets of publishing. She walks them through all the decisions they need to make. And she points them to reliable services. With respect to companies that offer the full range of services, she says:

Here are high-quality, full-service publishing providers that I trust…Radius Book Group.

In the two years since she posted her article, we at Radius have continued to earn that trust, both with authors and within the publishing industry. Therefore, to experience first hand what a difference we can make, come publish with Radius.