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Publishers Weekly log

Publishers Weekly Feature Article Highlights Radius

Who knew business books were big business? Well, based on the sales data, just about everybody. Lots of people are buying them. A recent Publishers Weekly, article sheds light on this issue. Of particular note is the special section “Business Books as Calling Cards.” Author Sarah Robbins highlights Radius Book Group in that section. Radius uses a hybrid model of publishing. […]

Jane Friedman publishing expert

Radius Trusted by Jane Friedman

Trust is a big deal to self-publishing authors. When it comes to full-service self-publishers, Jane Friedman trusts Radius Book Group. Independent authors who are serious about publishing learn all they can before making decisions. As a result, they look for expert advice from trusted sources, such as Jane. Why do people trust Jane? Twenty years in […]

Why Publish?

It used to be that authors wrote and publishers published books. Now authors both write and publish their own books. What may have gotten lost in the transition is why someone would choose to publish a book. We know why traditional publishers publish books; they want to make money. Their decision to publish these and […]

When Writing Is More Than Writing

When Writing Is More than Just Writing

Introduction Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch’s book, APE: How to Publish a Book, discusses the strategy of crowdsourcing editorial feedback. It is a variation of crowd funding, where an individual or organization tries to generate interest in their idea or project, to raise money to support the development of the project. They use various means to […]

Authors Come First

Author-Centered Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing Authors have many options for publishing their books, at least theoretically. In the mix of traditional and self-publishing options, author-centered publishing is a distinct alternative. Traditional publishing is still perhaps the first option many authors imagine when writing their manuscript and dreaming of holding a copy of the hardcover edition […]

Professional Self-Publishing Is More Than Do-It-Yourself

The tidal wave of self-published books inundating the reading public the world over may seem like the result of a do-it-yourself earthquake. But in today’s world, large and small publishers alike are part of a long and complex chain. Quite simply, self-publishing is not solely a DIY enterprise. You may be cutting out the gatekeepers […]

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Author-Centered Publishing

Traditional publishing no longer holds a monopoly on the book industry. Self-publishing, author-centered publishing, and variations of them have laid claim to their own slices of the industry pie. Each has its place serving the needs of different authors, or even the same authors publishing different titles. Most people understand traditional publishing and self-publishing, which […]

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