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Scott Waxman, CEO: Scott is a publishing leader who has worked on both sides of the desk as agent at Waxman Literary Agency and Diversion Publishing Corp. He has helped authors create dozens of NYTimes bestsellers and worked with hundreds of authors over two plus decades in the industry.

Mark Fretz, Editorial Director: A publishing industry veteran, Mark has wide ranging experience in editorial, production, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. He loves to share his expertise with authors and help them publish the book they envision. He can be contacted at mark@radiusbookgroup.com

Evan Phail, Publishing Assistant: Evan has worked over seven years in the publishing industry, with experiences at magazines, literary agencies, and book publishers. At Radius Book Group he oversees each project and establishes a personal connection with each author.


Radius Book Group is a next-generation publishing company ready to help you publish your book in the most efficient and effective manner. We combine decades of traditional experience with new, faster and more dynamic strategies. Authors get tremendous value from our hands-on, proactive and flexible approach to publishing today. Radius Book Group possesses robust publishing capabilities, access to the global marketplace, along with a publishing experience designed to meet your needs.

Our authors have compelling stories and ideas, and we help them create a great book. They are successful in fields as wide ranging as business and finance, leadership, science, medicine, education, technology, sports, health and wellness. No matter your expertise, we can develop your book and reach the intended audience.

Authors build a relationship with us as we work hand in hand from ideation to publication. When Radius publishes your book, you can know with certainty that you are working with a company of integrity and comprehensive publishing expertise.

Please call (212) 961-6390 ext. 110 or email info@radiusbookgroup.com for a free consultation.


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